Instructor Led Training Courses

training_classroomMaterial handling equipment is dangerous if not used safely and responsibly. We provide formal in-class training courses for all types of forklift operators. Training staff on proper use of equipment will:

  • Reduce accidents and improve safety
  • Reduce equipment damage
  • Minimize scheduling disruptions and work stoppages
  • Improve productivity
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improve employee morale

Call us to schedule and arrange a training class for your staff.

Canadian Regulations

According to the Government of Canada Health and Safety Regulation – Part XIV

14.23 (1)… every employer shall insure that every operator of motorized materials handling equipment has been instructed or trained in the procedures to be followed for:
a. its inspection
b. its fueling
c. its safe and proper use

and the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code – Part 19

256 (1)… a worker must not operate powered mobile equipment unless the worker
a. is trained to operate the equipment
b. has demonstrated competency in operating the equipment to a competent worker designated by the employer
c. is familiar with the equipment’s operating instructions


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