Load Center     24 inch

Load Capacity     3,000Lb

Controller    SME




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Built for Efficiency

  • Fully hydraulic power steering for stable maneuvering.
  • Designed with low center of gravity and high overall stability.
  • AC motor and drive control match to increase production efficiency.


Easy to Maintain

  • LCD monitor gives valuable status information, fault codes, and maintenance assistance.
  • Easy battery access and key components conveniently placed.
  • Steering wheel and pedals moveable to access maintenance points.
  • Low maintenance with the help of sealed wet disc brakes.


Operator Safety and Comfort

  • Operator present induction system(OPS ) stops machine if operator is not seated safely.
  • Ergonomically designed seating, steering wheel and placement of control instruments.
  • Low noise hydraulic system.
  • Wide angle rearview mirror for good visibility.
  • Seat side hydraulic control levers.
  • Directional control switch mounted on the lift lever.


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